Now Anyone Can Teach at Interskill
Share knowledge and earn money on Interskill
Everyone has expertise that can be shared. Interskill connects you with prospective students worldwide. Whatever the skill, whether it is for career development or hobbies, there will always be students who are interested in learning it.
With a timetable that can be matched to your schedule, anyone can teach. Are you a professional with a special skill such as taxation? Are you interested in special skills like cooking? Or maybe you are a teacher who is teaching offline and wants to reach more students? Interskill is the right place for you!
We connect you with prospective students for a very minimal fee. You can set your class prices and your class schedule. Everything is completely flexible.
Advantages of Using Interskill
Question and answer facility and direct discussion with students
Increase student participation through direct interaction. The students' favorite class is a class with a high level of interaction. Use the discussion facilities and enliven your class!
File Sharing Facility
Share the files you have for additional study material for students.
Screen sharing facility
With the screen sharing facility, you can show presentation files or other information that can be seen directly by your students.
Follower facilities
Get loyal students by asking them to become your followers. You can provide information or updates about the latest classes to your followers.
Set your class price
Unlike other online educational platforms where the class price has been determined, you can set your class price according to the existing market price.
Costs are much cheaper
Imagine how much you could save from renting a classroom, workshop, or seminar. You can teach from home easily.
Secure payment system
Don't worry if your students suddenly cancel joining the event. Classes only run after students make payments which will be deposited in your wallet and payment will be released after you finish teaching.
Frequently Asked Questions